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iTunes Fast Forward

iTunes Fast Forward is an application that will add useful toolsfor you all-day use of iTunes.

The old version (released as alpha) was built some time ago with Winforms.
It contains these features:
  • Global Hot Keys
  • Cover art fetch
  • Toaster
  • Scrobble
  • Lyrics Fetch
  • Auto-tag feature

The new version is built with WPF 3.5 SP1 and the MVVM design pattern.
The source code will be cleaner, the application stronger against errors and will have more features.

Here are some of those new features:
  • Languages support (currently just English and French) (available in beta release)
  • Toaster skins (only using xaml presentation) (available in beta release)
  • Lyrics provider to store lyrics in text files, id3v2 tags or a SQL Ce DB.
  • Wikipedia information for artists

You can also find some useful code snippets (C#) for MVVM development to create some RelayCommands and properties using OnPropertyChanged().
They are in "iTFF.WPF.Resources.VS Snippets" in the source code.


Here are some screenshots from the new WPF version:

The global hots keys:

The covers fetch:

The preferences screen with the toaster at the bottom right (with the Aero glass effect):
preferences + toaster.png

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